Saturday 28 March 2020 at Conference Centre Wallenberg, Medicinaregatan 20A, Gothenburg


During the conference we have planned several different workshops with the topics below.

Integration steps will be identified in ten workshops under three themes as follows:

Tools, resources and concrete measures
The workshops will address concrete measures for integrating the SDG concepts in the curriculum, how a multidisciplinary degree programme can be organized, and tools for assessing how an activity, organisation or innovation affects the SDGs.

Future workforce
The workshops will address how students can choose employers that are committed to environmental issues, how different employers work with sustainability issues, and how the universities can best train the students to have the competence needed when entering the workforce.

The workshops will address how the many different networks working with SDGs have achieved concrete measures and activities contributing to reaching the goals, practical cooperation guides, and pitfalls and opportunities when collaborating within and between universities.

Tentative workshop program:

Tools, resources and concrete measuresFuture Workforce Training Partnerships
90 Concrete Measures That Can Be Implemented In CoursesStudent manifest – ecological-awakeningHands on cooperation and meetings
How to organize multi-disciplinary educationHow does a municipality work with Sustainable Development Goals?Partnership examples from networks like HU2, SDSN NE
The SDG Impact Assessment ToolHow does company work with the Sustainable Development Goals?Rethinking SDG8 – Decent Work
CASE – Practical Cooperation Guide

Workshop titles are tentative. Will be updated.

Please note that they are at the moment tentative. If you would like to have updated information about the workshops, please contact us at